Piteraq Hardware is based in the small mountain town of Ål in the Hallingdal region of Norway. Surrounded by mountains, fjords, rivers and forests. We are a small team with a lot of experience. Experts in polar and high altitude expeditions, the name Piteraq originates from the fierce wind on Greenland where the ideas behind some of our original products were born. Established in 2014, we have been quietly making outdoor gear for people going to the corners of the earth and some of the most elite special force units in Europe.




To this day we still follow the guiding principles behind the very first products we made; uncompromised functionality, the very best components and built to be used in the harshest environments in the world.

We take a long time to develop new products so that they are right and we don't have to update them each season.  We start with the best fabrics, components and manufacturing processes available and see what we can create, rather than designing to a cost. We only bring a product to market if it offers a unique solution to a problem. Quality is our first priority. Being a specialist brand allows us to develop some very interesting products. We started with waterproof bags but our ambition does not end there. We will look at new product areas and only move into them when we are confident we bring something unique to the market. We are not the most environmentally friendly brand but we try to improve where and when we can. We are not a big corporate brand with a big team and a bigger marketing budget. We do have dogs in our office, ski on powder days and occasionally sleep in our vans. Our products have been tested to destruction long before they get to you. That occasionally means throwing them out of helicopters.