Frequently Asked Questions


We have a small team of sponsored athletes who work with us. They are chosen not just because they are operating at the highest levels of outdoor performance but also help us develop our products so that all of us benefit from their experience.

Each year we support a few expeditions with preferential deals on our equipment. Typically these trips will be “Firsts” in the Greater Ranges or Polar Regions of the world. In return we ask for gear feedback, written reports and top quality, high-resolution photographs of our gear in use.

We will also support trips that offer the chance to get the Piteraq Hardware brand exposed to a wider audience. Have a look through the website to see who we have supported in the past, if your plans are similar to these please contact us.

There has been an explosion of fund raising “expeditions” over the last few years. We do not support any expeditions because they have a charity aspect to them; they have to fit the other criteria listed above.


Where to buy

We do not sell direct from this website. The stockist information for each country gives a list of online stockists.

Your local dealer will probably special order something for you if you ask them.

If you are struggling to find a particular item, email us and we can tell you who has it in stock.