Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is clear: we strive for the safest production methods, respect for people and the environment. We only work with partners who share the same exacting standards.

Environmental and social responsibility is part of the fabric of our business. It is woven into our strategies and work practices.

There are three key areas we keep our eyes on:

Product sustainability

Working on ways to reduce environmental impact in our designs, the materials we choose and the development and manufacturing processes we use.


Reducing the environmental impacts of our business travel, offices, retail outlets, distribution and delivery.

Supply chain

Continually assessing our supply chain and making sure the people who make our products do so in the best possible conditions.

Product Sustainability & Environment

When you are planning an adventure, you map out where you are going and how you are going to get there. We do the same with our products. We consider the whole journey of our products, from the factory all the way into your hands.

Here is our checklist for making your products more sustainable:

1. Avoid using harmful substances: We approve the mills that make our fabrics; we educate/train our designers and suppliers, giving them the guidance to avoid these substances/use better alternatives in their design and manufacture.

2. Insist on great product design: Our products are designed to last, reducing the likelihood of damage and repairs.

3. Reduce packaging: We don’t over-package and we produce environmentally friendly packaging and catalogues.

4. Choose the best freight options: As much as possible, products are delivered by road or sea freight.

5. Encourage our customers to recycle and reuse: Don’t ditch your gear to become a mountain of landfill. Let your once-loved products reinvent themselves so they can move on to their next adventure.

Supply Chain

Piteraq Hardware products are currently sourced from three high quality, experienced manufacturing partners in Asia.

We value long term business relationships where we can get to know a manufacturer and its employees. This ensures they understand our high quality standards and we have a greater understanding of their operation.

Every manufacturing facility is selected for its technical ability and social responsibility practices. Each facility is regularly visited, monitored and reported on by the product team to ensure a safe and fair working environment for their employees. In order to make our position clear to our manufacturers we apply a Code of Conduct that places demands on them, and acceptance of these demands is a pre-condition for becoming a Piteraq Hardware manufacturer. The code covers such issues as child labour, terms of employment, health & safety, the working environment and the prevention of cruelty to animals. This reflects globally recognised labour standards.