Gear for polar and high altitude expeditions


Piteraq Hardware is based in the small mountain town of Ål in the Hallingdal region of Norway. Surrounded by mountains, fjords, rivers and forests. We are a small team with a lot of experience. Experts in polar and high altitude expeditions, the name Piteraq originates from the fierce wind on Greenland where the ideas behind some of our original products were born. Established back in 2006, we have been quietly making outdoor gear for people going to the corners of the earth and some of the most elite special force units in Europe.

Not showing any signs of wear, even after approximately one year of ruthless use
— klikk.no
In one of the summer’s three-day canoe trips, we got five sleeping bags and everyones extra clothing compressed in the bag
50 flights over the last two years and my Void 110 still looks like new
IMG_3629 Small.jpg

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